Our company’s top five guiding principles

Photo of a principal's door saying "principles' office"

Thank you for reporting to the principles’ office. (Yuk, yuk.)

When given a choice between two relatively similar companies’ services, most people want to choose the company that aligns with their values. We, too, want to work with schools and teachers whose values align with ours.

Here’s what we stand for:

1. Environmental Stewardship. Yearbooks use up a lot of paper, we know. We only use FSC-certified paper from companies who recycle and are carbon neutral or close. We arrange service calls to schools in groups based on geography to reduce the amount of driving needed. We service schools as much as we can online and through phone and email to also reduce our impact on the environment—limiting our visits to one per month, unless otherwise necessary. All of our resources and file sharing are kept on your own Summit CampSite school website—no need for papers, CDs, flash drives, etc. We use recycled paper for our marketing materials, and we are striving as individuals and as a company to live Zero Waste.

2. Social Justice. High school is a tough time when kids are trying to be confident in their identities of which they’ve only recently become self-aware. To help teens who find themselves on the margins of the social scene at high school and on the margins of society, we support Kids Help Phone as our company charity. We also have super fun plans for Pink Shirt Day! We believe that power and opportunity are still not equally distributed in Canadian society or schools and we’re not okay with racism, sexism, homophobia, genderphobia, ableism, classism and all oppression. We want everyone in Yearbook classes to feel included and valued. We want yearbooks available to ALL students, regardless of income. We believe in sharing: power, wealth, and empathy. We want to build a growing equal opportunity company which invests heavily in our communities, strengthening in weak places so that we can all have more fun.

3. Keeping things ethical. We support local businesses to support the strength of our community fiscally and socially. It’s just the right thing to do. We only support fair labour. We protect the rights to privacy of students and staff because to protect is to respect. We don’t subsidize discount quotes to one school by overcharging other schools.

4. Education. Learning is power. As parents, we want our kids to know how to take care of themselves—how to solve problems, how to create, how to communicate and sell their ideas, how to package worthy concepts and solutions so that others can understand and get on board. This is what we want to do for your students and we can through Yearbook. Our focus on design education, and its applications in business or job searches, will be done primarily through our growing database of resources in your Summit CampSite website, our comprehensive Pinterest account, visiting speakers, and monthly Summit meetings at our Tectoria headquarters in Victoria. Yearbook class can be the best class students ever took in high school.

5. Collaboration. We want to offer the best resources and inspiration to students as plentifully as possible. To do this, we are collaborating with other designers, creatives, and entrepreneurs to bring content, tutorials and connections to students who want to expand their skills and network for future jobs. Because while we have our areas of expertise and our talents, there are people everywhere who are the real experts and you deserve to hear from them. We’re keeping our partnerships on the down low for now. Awesomeness to follow.

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