Malcolm Gladwell inspires yearbook design

malcolm gladwell's the tipping point illustrated three books by Brian Rea

If you haven’t yet read Malcolm Gladwell’s writings, you should. His writing is fascinating, entertaining, and relevant.

We think the idea of illustrating a non-fiction book about ideas told through real-life examples, with abstract doodles, is brilliant. Anytime art and science can be married together in one form, we are giddy.

What ideas does this sparkĀ for yearbooks?

  • What if we illustrated the inside pages of yearbooks with doodles like students make in the margins of their paper while sitting in class?
  • What if students in the school submitted doodles, which appeared in random, fun places like a teacher’s t-shirt, or a Coke bottle?
  • What if we get students to handwrite in their doubts, worries, thoughts about the future, or what they think the purpose of life is, or what has concerned them about world news in the past year, and they get sprinkled throughout the book?

The trace tool in Illustrator makes this quite easy to do!

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