Think outside the box. Print inside the province.

Local, by design.

We are experienced designers, design educators, and yearbook representatives. We loved being yearbook reps. We loved working with teachers and students, we loved teaching design and software skills, and we loved contributing to the creation of some amazing yearbooks.
To be honest though, we took issue with a lot of the industry standards: pushy sales calls, commission-based salaries, the inadequate response to FIPPA requirements, the minimal emphasis on education, and more.
In response, we are solving these issues. All of them.
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Canadian craftsmanship.

Our values and where we’re headed:

No. 01


To empower youth with design literacy and entrepreneurial skills for future self-sufficiency and job skills, using Yearbook classes/clubs as the medium.

No. 02


To a high ethical standard, instructing and publishing Canada-wide through grassroots efforts of local networking, collaborations and job creation.

No. 03


Innovation and joy in creation. Wholeheartedness. Environmental stewardship. Social justice. Real connections. Community collaboration.

No. 04


We want to create a company and community culture where the only things taken seriously are personal integrity, ethics, authenticity and FUN.