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...a yearbook that isn't in breach of privacy legislation?

If your current yearbook company is printing yearbooks outside of Canada, or hosting their website or files outside of Canada, your yearbook is breaking the law and you as a teacher can face a fine of up to $2000, your school a fine of up to $500,000, and your yearbook advisor a fine of up to $25,000. We found this out the hard way. Today we offer an easy solution. 

...dynamic student education that's easy to teach?

Are your students making a yearbook on a program they will never use again in the work force?

Is your yearbook company showing students the multitude of real-world applications for the skills they are learning in Yearbook?

Is your yearbook rep a graphic designer professional, with experience teaching at the college level?

Does your yearbook company have regular catered teaching sessions where you can meet other advisors?

Does your yearbook company have a central hub where you can retrieve photos uploaded by any student in the school; where you can upload PDFs for your advisor to review and print; where students can sell items they have made using skills learned in Yearbook, to raise money for the school; where students can watch learning material and complete quizzes; where Yearbook can create surveys and collect results to be used in the yearbook…?

...a shorter turnaround time?

The consequence of printing outside of the country or with a company which operates just one facility, is that the turnaround time needs to be 5-8 weeks, which means a lot of the year’s activities get left out of the yearbook. That’s just been the best of the worst options… until now.

Here’s how we can help: 

We are 100% FIPPA compliant. All of our printing, web hosting, file storage, file transfer applications—EVERYTHING—is kept in Canada at all times.

For us, yearbooks are the side effect of our objective, not the other way around. A passion for design literacy and education fuels our company. We want students to leave high school saying that Yearbook was one of the most useful classes they had, preparing them for the job market or business start-up. We’re also easy-going and fun to work with, or so we’ve heard. 😉

We offer the most flexible printing priorities of any major yearbook publishing company. What is most important to you?

  • The shortest turnaround time possible, so you can get as much of the year’s events in your yearbook as possible? (Our quickest turnaround time option is three weeks.)
  • Having the most environmentally friendly yearbook anywhere? (We can give you a carbon neutral-printed yearbook, and we’re working toward being zero waste.)
  • The lowest price? (We have some ULTRA competitive rates.)
  • The fanciest, artsiest yearbook ever? (We can do anything done in the publishing world and we have creative funding assistance to help you afford it.)

To meet your priority, we might have to concede something else on the list. Our aim is to do it all. We’ve created relationships with several printers in the west, who are all ready and able to meet your target with our help.

Now, about that FIPPA thing….

a woman who has been scanned by facial recognition software
Basically, the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act is everything. The BC Privacy Commission’s consequences to schools if students’ information—photos, names, either together or separate from each other—is at any time found outside of Canada through printed hard copy, or digitally on servers, is severe: collecting every copy and reprinting it and up to a $500,000+ fine, levied against the school, the school board, the yearbook advisor and the printing company.
For a school to be in compliance, FIPPA requires individual consent from every single person appearing in the yearbook. This consent needs to be in writing, specifying which personal information will be stored or accessed outside of Canada, who will have access to it (including subcontractors), and for how long the access will last. Imagine tracking down consent from every single person, every single year, and keeping track of who to leave out of all group photos. OR, just print with Summit. Learn more. 

Privacy protection and so much more.


Less stress,
more fun

If you’re new to teaching Yearbook, we’ve got everything you need to teach. Curriculum? Done. Online quizzing for students, video tutorials? Okie dokie. We even provide yearbook templates, designer fonts, stunning photography, gorgeous graphics, and theme concept ideas. We want it to be easy for you and your class (and us!) to have fun creating while learning enviable skills!

Valuable education, free

If you’re a student, you’ll learn job skills others spend thousands to learn, for free. When done with your high school yearbook class, you’ll know how to make snazzy business cards, resumes that get you hired, brochures and web graphics, how to interview people to write copy worth reading, how to compose photos, how to market and sell something (including yourself)— basic self-sufficiency career skills.

Feel good business

Who hates sales pitches? We’re with you! Instead of trying to get you to ignore business practices that trouble you, or focus on book features, we want to give you the value you want, the way you want it: better education for students with practical applications, and easier teaching and publishing for teachers. We want you to feel how you want to feel, so that we can feel good about ourselves, too.

Industry disruption

We’ve made partnerships within our communities to enrich your classroom instructions and shorten turnover, giving you time to document more of the school year. We can introduce you to community creatives and other yearbook advisors. We are improving on clunky processes, increasing creative outpouring, and we don’t believe that yearbook reps should make more money than teachers. Agree?

And did we mention…

we love teachers

We love teachers.

1. Get popcorn. 2. Get comfy.
3. Enjoy our yearblog.


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